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Box of Chocolates

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010 - 6:37pm

Kudos and Thanks

I’ve had my second ever article published at A List Apart: ARIA and Progressive Enhancement.

I’m really very proud to have the article accepted and published there and I couldn’t have done it without the help of our full-time team and friends.

So, thanks go out to Jeff Smith, and Joanna Briggs who helped with coding and testing the many iterations of the examples that we used in the article.

And big thanks to Jason Kiss — he used to live and work here in Ottawa. We talked quite a bit about ARIA and I passed some early drafts his way for feedback. He works with us occasionally now that he’s in New Zealand (yes, that’s right… now that he lives in New Zealand, he does do some work with us. In Ottawa. I guess I just have a thing for remote teamwork!). Jason and I talk regularly about accessibility, user experience, technical and cultural challenges with accessibility — sometimes on the clock, and sometimes off. (Seriously, if you’re reading this from Australia or New Zealand, hire Jason. He’s sharp as a tack and brings with him tremendous experience and knowledge.)

His research and testing into ARIA tabbed panels was referenced and used heavily in the tabbed panels section of this article. We based our code on his, because… well, because it was so very thorough and well-thought out.