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Thursday, October 2nd, 2008 - 7:32am

Power to the tweeple

I love Twitter, and I love user stylesheets.

Put them both togther and what have you got? A solution to the problem that seems to be bugging quite a few people right now — the persistently unpredictable election toolbar from twitter.

Right, we can fix that with this little user stylesheet I whipped up:

Turn off Twitter’s Election 08 toolbar

Twitter is a great service and has highlighted topics in the Twittersphere with its Election 08 toolbar. The problem is that they give it to everyone and its behaviour is erratic — you can close it, but you can’t predict when it will open again.

This user style should remove the Election 08 toolbar when it is in its expanded and its collapsed states.


UPDATE: of course, you might enjoy this more if you were actually able to get to the user stylesheet. It seems that is not responding properly right now, so I’ve put the CSS file here for you:

Nuke Election 08 toolbar

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User stylesheets are awesome… to save bandwidth at WDS08 I used with a user stylesheet to tweak the size of the input field. Simple but useful hack!

Thanks that does work. I actually just made the changes:) you rock.

By the way that f…ing thing has to be one of the most annoying gadgets on earth.