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Saturday, December 20th, 2008 - 12:05pm

Santa’s Workshop

We lead a pretty hectic life — mostly by choice, as Kathryn and I are both active, and the kids are involved with a lot of activities. Saturday mornings are notoriously jam-packed with swimming lessons and dance. Today was a little different than the usual routine, with a special stop at the food cupboard to make our donation to a local family of five.

We had been talking with our children about what we were doing, hoping to help them understand what adopting the family means and how our donation might help them. When we got to the donation drop-off location several volunteers happily helped unload the boxes and bags of gifts, essentials and food from our vehicle. It was over before it started. As I climbed back into the car I realized that rather than racing off to dance, we should be late and take the kids inside the donation centre.

A volunteer showed our three darlings the food donations, the sorting tables and the packages that were ready to go out for delivery to the adopted families. We walked over to the packages we had donated so the kids could see them within the context of the entire operation. It became clear to everyone that a lot of good happens within that space, making its way around the local community.

Looking at the massive piles of food to be sorted our 4 year old son Kampbell looked at us and asked “Daddy, is this Santa’s workshop?”

My wife Kathryn started to cry as we answered him: “Yes, it is.”

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*sniff* – so sweet.

John Foliot

December 20, 2008

+1. Derek, Merry Christmas to you, Kathryn and the kids. May 2009 be a year filled with nothing but good.

That’s too cute! Happy Christmas to you and yours, Derek!

Merry Christmas Derek to you and your family. Your kids are just way to cute.

I can totally see why that made you cry. There’s a lump in my throat right now.

Hey Derek, thanks for the talk at CalWAC. There are some pictures up for viewing. Didn’t bring my equipment, but I still got some good shots.

You should have put in a few more slides about Jar Jar Binks!!!

Jar Jar FTW!!!!111 :)


Great stuff Derek. We all need to pay more attention to what and how we make our charitable donations this year. Those of us who are more fortunate need to step back and realize how we can help others who are not so well off.

You did a great thing for both your kids and for those who are needy today. Happy Holidays!

Your kids are very cute! What a great idea to show the kids the ‘behind the scenes’ tour of the donation centre. It helps bring more context to the donations.